A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Tots, the love of protagonist’s, Tater’s, life, has been taken and Tater decides to go through hell to get her back. He has nine layers of potato hell and many traps ahead, so he needs to be smart to avoid them. The Yggpotatil multiverse, however, is on Tater’s side and it will rotate the worlds to help him achieve his goal.


Potato: The Roots to Hell (Gold, Win) 142 MB
Potato: The Roots to Hell (Gold, Mac) 142 MB


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Haha! Amazing mini-game! I like the style alot. Will you make a sequel ? Something with enemies to shoot maybe!

Btw, I got a strange gravity bug on 3rd level i think? It was pulling me back and forth across the map.

Hi Ackino!

Great to hear you enjoy our game! We are actually considering a sequel.
Thanks for the helpful suggestions and reporting the bug. We will work on it :)

sNACKs Team

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What a great game....retro without trying to hard. I haven't laughed so much in ages at a game (mostly due to my ineptitude) but all the same, refreshingly simple and fun. Visually rich, smooth running with addictive gameplay it harks back to a time when games came on floppy disks or cartridges haha. I could see myself playing this of an evening on my Commodore or Atari (Google them!!), having rushed home from school. Brilliant, just brilliant. Thank you!! :). 

I am going to be wasting a lot of time on this great little game. 

BTW - playing on a Mac, thanks for thinking of us in the world of OSX :) :)


Hi Topcat6264!

Thank you for your awesome comment. We are so happy you played Potato: The Roots to Hell! Most importantly, it is a pleasure to hear that you enjoy our game :)

sNACKs Team